Upcoming Changes

Clownfish Genetics Calculator - I recently discovery Python Kivy and Beeware and intend to create a new mobile version of the calculator. Angelfish Genetics Calculator - Once the clownfish genetics calculator is well-started, I will likely rewrite the angelfish genetics calculator as well. Rabbit Genetics Calculator - I had been interested in doing a genetics calculator for rabbits, but most likely won't. I've pretty much stopped breeding for anything but meat now. Art - The art auction app needs to be completely rewritten. The Meteor version of the application is extremely outdated and Meteor changed so much that it no longer interests me. NOLAPete - I've moved away from working with Salesforce and don't know that I'll resume my interest in it. Python/Django and Rust are my primary interests. New portfolio page is forthcoming. Considering decentralizing all of the pages and changing them into individual 1 page sites.

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