COVID and Calculator

I hope everyone is well and continues to stay safe in the midst of COVID and returning to "normal." After an eventful server upgrade and catastrophe of everything breaking, I got to thinking about how to make the calculator easier to use. I don't have time to develop an app with all that is going on personally. I'm thinking I could make the selection mechanism a simple dropdown for each parent. My only hesitation is that each dropdown list would be about 125 selections. Let me know what you think.


My life since the automobile accident in December 2018 has been one that isn't conducive to writing code. It is difficult enough to do so for my job, so doing anything extra is pretty much impossible. I apologize for not being able to make progress on the clownfish genetics calculator and wanted you all to know what the situation is currently. My hope is that you will continue to find it useful. Hopefully, at some point in the future I'll be able to pick up this project once again. Pete

Upcoming Changes

Clownfish Genetics Calculator - I recently discovery Python Kivy and Beeware and intend to create a new mobile version of the calculator. Angelfish Genetics Calculator - Once the clownfish genetics calculator is well-started, I will likely rewrite the angelfish genetics calculator as well. Rabbit Genetics Calculator - I had been interested in doing a genetics calculator for rabbits, but most likely won't. I've pretty much stopped breeding for anything but meat now. Art - The art auction app needs to be completely rewritten. The Meteor version of the application is extremely outdated and Meteor changed so much that it no longer interests me. NOLAPete - I've moved away from working with Salesforce and don't know that I'll resume my interest in it. Python/Django and Rust are my primary interests. New portfolio page is forthcoming. Considering decentralizing all of the pages and changing them into individual 1 page sites.

Busy Life Goes On

My apologies to everyone for my absence, but my busy life goes on regardless of the insurmountable list of things I want or need to do. We currently have three extra children (girls) whom we are fostering through the foster care system. My son and I are outnumbered 5 to 2! School just started, so things are hectic now, but should settle down a little in the next few weeks once we have some sort of routine. Thank you for your interest in my projects. Your input and critique is invaluable.

Moved Menu Items

I moved the clownfish-related links to the Clownfish dropdown menu. The calculator is under there as well.

Search Is Back

Search was broken, but now is working again. Uggh! If I only had enough free time to do everything I want to do with this. Feedback is important. Please let me know on the CBR or Calculator Facebook groups if something is not working. Thanks!

Profile Fixed and Calculator Entry

Everyone should have a profile now. New user registration should also create a profile during registration. Minor victory. Now I can focus on the calculator entry. I have an idea for making it work like a shopping cart. You put the clownfish pair you want in then calculate. The reason for the shopping cart is that I envision being able to put several different clownfish in the cart then calculate every permutation. Simply put, it would give you results for crossing every clownfish against every other clownfish in the list including crossing with itself.

Error Messages

I'm aware that new user registration is failing to create profiles for some people. It's on my todo list to fix. I've added some error messages for the calculator, so it will let you know there's a problem with the clownfish you entered. Formatting matters, so it's probably best to search the clownfish list and copy and paste the name as it appears there.

Calculator FUNKtional

It's a bit funky, but the calculator is working. You can copy and paste names from Clownfish List or type them in yourself. If you type in something that isn't on the Clownfish list you will get a Server (500) error. There are some hurdles with the phenotype formatting that I'm working out. Anyone who writes code knows it's a bit tedious to convert code from JavaScript to Python with all the braces {} and semicolons ; to get rid of. The languages aren't all that different, but the syntax is. You have to create an account and login to use the calculator. If you have trouble with logging in or your account, let me know and I'll resolve it. Still have to add resetting password and social media logins, but that's not high on my priority list.

Clownfish Images

Search through the Clownfish List and see if you have any images for those that have NEED IMAGE as the image. You can submit them for use on the Facebook group or in a Facebook page comment.

Calculator Progress

The bulk of the phenotype code rewrite and debugging is done. See the example by clicking the Calculator link. Some formatting issues (string literals for those geek inclined) to work out, but we're almost there. A few more things to accomplish before working on the front end interface for the calculator: logging Users, logging Crosses, and Feedback submission. After that, focus will be entirely on making calculator accessible for testing then adding all the features we've all wanted with adding genes to existing genotypes for the what if scenarios and reverse engineering a particular phenotype topping the list.


Genotype results work for new calculator. If you click the calculator link it currently shows the genotype results for Frostbite x Frostbite. I know it's not much to look at, but it's a major hurdle overcome.

Calculator Progress

Made lots of progress towards implementing my nephew's new logic for the calculator. His code provides the flexibility I needed to utilize the calculator with any organism with a known genotype. My new database structure for recording known genetics keeps the data very small. It does this by only recording the gene one type and connecting every animal that has that it. i.e. for Snowflake in clownfish, it would tag Snowflake, Frostbite, Snow Onyx, Picassnow, Black Ice, Blacker Ice, and Black Snowflake/Phantom. If another phenotype shows up with Snowflake gene, then I just select it from the list. Very close to having working calculator then I'll just have to tie the phenotypes/parent crosses to it in order to get the correct names on the results.

Clownfish List & Profile Pics

The original clownfish list is available in a report now for your verification. Please let me know if there are any missing that you think should be on it. At the time of this list, we were hesitant to put the designer clownfish on the list that did not have a genotype different from the base clownfish used to make them. Probably will still keep it that way, but I'm open to suggestions. Profile pic upload is fixed with a limit of 2 MB in size. Site will automatically resize to 300 x 300 max, so no need to edit it other than in total size.

Next Daunting Task

As part of the reverse engineering and connecting the phenotypes to the genotype results for the calculator, I must parse the old code and massage it into an importable format. Not to worry though, I'm quite efficient at doing this task as I am a search and replace master. Once that's done, you'll see a report of each phenotype and the parents it is a result from. Eventually, this will just turn into a searchable part of the site. You'll be able to enter the clownfish you want to produce and a list of pairings that will produce it will display.

Register and Login

User authentication in place. Please register and try logging out and back in again.

Clownfish Cross Log Counts

Added a report of crosses from the cross log with a count of how many times the pairing was selected in the calculator. It is ordered by highest total to lowest.

Clownfish Cross Feedback Log

Data from the orginal clownfish genetics calculator is available for review. It still needs some tweaking, but it is something that needs to be looked at by breeders to verify expected results.

Good Daily Read Inbox Newsletters

I've recently found a few good daily reads that I have sent to my inbox. Check them out! ELEVATOR - was the first and this link is to their archives so you can view what they've sent in the past. You won't be disappointed! 1440 - was the second that I found as a result of ELEVATOR. Very concise and relative news. Morning Brew - is the most recent and just as good. You may find some overlapping content, but they each have unique qualities.

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One of the issues I had in the past was that none of my sites featured SSL. In most cases, this is cost-prohibitive for a free site. Thanks to Let's Encrypt that's no longer the case. Check them out at!

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